Wells Fargo's new CEO previously denied that the bank's sales culture had any problems


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Maybe they’ve realized they can’t just throw a few tellers under the bus, that there’s going to have to be some serious sacrifice, and Sloan has been chosen.


Why do something right, when you can do it wrong, every time.

Wells Fargo 2016


I’m sure they’ve learned their lesson.



Unfortunately, they aren’t even going to punish the scapegoat very hard; much less the people using it to absolve themselves.


I think that folks should start referring to the bank as Weasels Fargo. I’d like to see someone do a version of their iconic red stagecoach with that name substituted. Maybe some t-shirts. I think that could really take off.


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Same as it ever was.
Rinse and repeat.


At Wells Fargo, we’re not happy until you’re not happy.


Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.


If there’s one thing I demand in a reformer, it’s total contentment with the status quo


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