Wendy's hot drinks and cold drinks training videos

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Definitely far superior to the McDonald’s training videos I was subjected to back in the 80’s when I was a burger flipper.

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Holy Asian palm civets!

Pal of mine worked for Wendy’s for three days back in mumblety-mumble. He spent all those days training. I distinctly remember him telling me that tomato ketchup was to be spread flatly on a burger, but mayonnaise was to be squeezed out in a careful circle pattern.

When I worked at Wendys, they kept their condiments in a metal tub, rather than a squeeze bottle. Thus, it was applied with a spatula, rather than a squeeze.

I had seen some Burger King videos, and the mayo and catsup were applied in interlocking spirals.

But I came looking for the condiments video. “white red and GREEEN! White Red AND GREEEN!”"

This indicated that the condiments were put on in the following order:

I still build my hamberders this way; it’s a hell of a habit to break


I worked at Wendy’s for like a year in high school, and I do the same. (And, I mean, their reasoning behind it still makes some sense–seal the bun with mayo, apply the other sauce, and then add the solid toppings from smallest to largest so that you can hold everything together with the lettuce while you flip the bun over and put it on the patty.)

The late-'80s/early-'90s Wendy’s training videos are catchy, cringey masterpieces.



My Mickey D’s training videos from '82 seemed like they expired even before post-production.


My brother was a “sandwich artist” (actual term) for Subway back in the day and he still makes his hoagies in Subway fashion.

As cringy as the ‘cold drinks’ song was, I think it works as a training aid. There’s not a lot to teach but I think I would retain the 1/2 ice, fill 1/4" from the top, drink goes on the left side of the tray information from it.


I want to live in their world!

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