Wera screwdrivers are excellent

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Could you use one to remove that Tabloid feature we are subjected to once a week?


Hahaha I came here cause i always read the handy tools post, but I have to agree with your comment 100%


Wera is top stuff. We used their torx drivers for indexable tooling inserts in machining. Never seen anything bad about them except the price. It’s solid stuff.


i have had a set of their electronics drivers for about 7 years and they are still as good as new very solid

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Gotta be one of the laziest product placement pitch review I ever read !

Or the twenty-minute scroll of garbage that clearly can’t sell anywhere else?

These ARE the best. It sucks, I can’t afford them any more, turns out my zillion other screwdrivers also work, just not as well. A tool that is a pleasure to use doesn’t get dusty, you dig?

Wera’s stuff is very good. You can get by pretty cheap buying individually if you only need a couple sizes of screwdrivers. If you’re seriously you’ll end up buying a whole set and it you will use it for many years.

I only learned this year, that the reason there’s a hex-shaped segment at the bottom of the handle, is so that you can put a spanner on there if you need to get more torque on a fastener.
We tend to get Wera screw drivers at work (especially if I’m doing the ordering). Their micro screw drivers are great as well.

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