Get this excellent screwdriver at a deep discount

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Don’t like their handles myself, and fwiw that’s a cabinet tip driver, which turns screws just fine, but if you really need to torque a driver you want a regular tapered keystone tip.

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We bought a set as a gift for a relative with the ulterior motive of borrowing them and trying them for a while, and I agree. Wera are very well-made, but the idiosyncratic handles just didn’t work for me.

Around 30 years ago the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago had a special exhibit on ergonomics, with a clever/useful screwdriver test (you could see how hard you could turn several different comparably-sized screwdrivers). The Bahco screwdriver was miles better than any of the competitors, and a few years later we bought a set. They no longer make that model; we also have the newer version, which has some embedded rubber dots in the handle, but prefer the original. I’ve not since found a screwdriver that comes even close for feel in the hand.

Like an idiot I just went searching for photos of the two, then realized that I could just snap a pic myself (albeit with poor quality, as all I have handy is an ancient phone):

Newer model on top.

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Thats interesting. Wiha has a wide range of drivers, different grips of various materials, but similar shape. Felo also has a range of drivers with nice handles. I’m kind of partial to PB Swiss, but I’m sticking with my old acetate craftsman set for now.

The Wihas do look similar to the more recent Bahco, though more convex. I’ve not tried one in the flesh, I might on my next stop at Woodcraft. Our traditional translucent handle drivers hardly every come out of the drawer any more, they get slippery with sweat and the ridges can get painful on tough jobs. They’re OK with gloves (which I ought to wear more anyway).

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Wera is a well known German brand, although I normally would like a whole set of screwdrivers instead of just one. My cynicism for this site has me expecting a link to some cheap tools made by the lowest bidding contractor in China.

Wera is a german brand, but most of their stuff is Czech made.

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