Wesley Crusher Star Trek hoodie




Somewhere on the internet, Wil Wheaton is face palming.


I worry that I’ll buy this and love it for the first year, then grow weary and angry at it for the mocking it earns me. Then I’ll publicly burn it in a fit of pique, only later to regret destroying what turned out to be the best part of my life.

Soooo, maybe I’ll just skip the whole experience…

(Also, I hope it is really, really stain resistant…)


Oh, any Wesley Crusher cosplay is going to leave a mark…


And he knows what he’s getting for Christmas.


No, because he knows what he’s getting for Xmas.


Wil Wheaton was on Star Trek???


It’s about time Wesley Crusher got his own clothing line. Those PhD commencement regalia folks have been ripping off Guinan for years.


Always did wonder just how the crew in TNG were supposed to go to the loo without taking a damn long time about it…



It’s funny you should ask. I recently saw the episode of ST:TNG that introduced Wesley Crusher. Throughout the episode, Picard contemptuously referred to young Wes as “the boy.”

Later that same day, I caught part of Mel Brooks’ History of the World, the French Revolution bit. However, it was a censored version and the piss-boy was simply called “the boy.”

Make of that what you will…


Wesley, Wesley, Wesley. Nobody ever wants to dress like Jake…


Poor Jake Sisko and his bus seat outfits!


Friends, family, whoever at work pulls my name from the Christmas gift exchange, do not, I repeat do not purchase this for me.


We all know what he’s getting for Christmas. We’ve felt his presents. :trollface:



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