Western Illinois coroner will hold your family's ashes hostage for $1,000, won't produce a death certificate without payment


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This is the end result of the “Cut Taxes - Gov’t is evil/incompetent” mindset prevalent amongst a loud and active portion of the electorate.


So he’s wearing the (govt funded) coroner hat one moment, and then the (private enterprise) funeral director hat the next?

I feel like there’s more to this story. :thinking:


I have no problem with this, if there is no money nobody will be asking for a death certificate.


Right, no widow will ever want to remarry. Or cancel a lease.


Since this is a public record, couldn’t you take the coroner’s office to small claims court and then retrieve it from the court record?


So without a death certificate they can still vote and collect welfare and what ever else.


If they have any kind of pension, social security, it will probably be difficult to stop it without a death certificate.


“Welfare and whatever else” are often affected by whether or not you have a living spouse.


Between the story about babies getting billed for their own births and this one it looks like squeezing people for every last penny is a true cradle-to-grave racket in this country.


It is their most modestly priced urn.


Uh just go to your local supermarket…


The article says that some people are making Keller out to be “next to the devil.” I’d like to officially go on record as saying that I wouldn’t let this guy get within a country mile of my location. I know people expect me to associate with some pretty unsavory characters, but c’mon! Even I have standards, and that guy’s a total douche nozzle!


'Murica, don’cha love it? So kind and compassionate. /s


Say it with me: Late… Stage…


I checked, and my supermarket doesn’t do cremations.

They also took my ‘bag for life’ away.


The state is the problem, not the solution


Sweno, the Norways’ king, craves composition.
Nor would we deign him burial of his men
Till he disbursed at Saint Colme’s Inch
Ten thousand dollars to our general use.

That was back in King Duncan’s day when Macbeth got his start in life. Good times, good times…




Jesus, a minimum 1000 bucks for cremation? Just dump me in the ocean and feed the fish for free.