"Whale Hello" magnet


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/11/28/whale-hello-magnet.html


I was totally going Snailed It, but Whale Hello has got those eyebrows that just really do it for me.


Don’t forget No Prob-llama

But $0.89 each plus $4.99 shipping? LOL don’t think so.


Is this for people who pronounce “well” the same as “whale”?


And it’s $4.99 per item. Three of the same magnet? Each $4.99 to ship! That’s a prob-llama.


Whale hell yes!


As my old Irish great-gran’da’ used to say, “Whale, oil beef hooked!”



Unfortunately, wearing this pin attracts casinos and abusive free-to-play games with shady monetization schemes. Exercise caution.


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