Whales attack and sink a yacht

Currently re-reading In The Heart of The Sea, good times.

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Famously, a sailor’ s two best days are when he gets his first boat, and when he gets rid of his last boat.


that gif reminds me of my first trip to sea world.

(someone stuck their hand in the tank and nearly lost it when the whale came charging over)

girl starts crying, my dad wass like “that’s why you don’t stick your hand in the tank with a wild animal” and the kid’s dad stared daggers.

i ended up not going back, after learning how hellish it is for them, but… i try and be grateful for that simpler time.

(same trip, a stingray in the touch tank got stuck upside down and the employee were debating if it could breathe… and threatened to ban anyone from the park that flipped it over)

anyways it’s pretty metal to sink a yacht i’m off to finish this pounder

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Perhaps in the super-yacht scene. No-one in the regular boating world calls their boat a yacht, even if it is a Sun Odyssey 52. (Too big and fancy for my taste, but yeah.)

ETA - I have to walk back the “no-one” statement. Despite “yacht” being considered old fashioned it still seems to be in commercial use and within some magazines. I had a share in a 35 footer, and while luxurious to me, it was by no means a yacht. Costs to keep it were about what other families spent on annual vacations.

Still being offerred for charter!

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