What America loses when the USDA nukes its taxpayer-funded records of animal cruelty


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Rumor has it that, like the climate databases, the USDA records were backed up before being deleted. And that somehow those backups are not all kept by the USDA.


I hope so. If it’s all backed up, then it can be restored after Drumpf is impeached and the TGOP is kicked out of Congress.


The Trump administration is also redacting Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle and has directed the EPA to reclassify pig sewage lagoons as waterparks.


Transparency is vital to democracy…

…which is why it is shunned in Washington.


I liked you better when you were writing satire instead of this straightforward reporting.


And not because Brian Klippenstein is a pro-puppy farm dick, then.


Well, someone has to fight all this Fake News!


I’m not sure “defend” is a strong enough word. One of the group’s other members and founders, oil magnate Forrest Lucas,

vigorously opposed a Missouri ballot measure to “require large-scale dog breeding operations to provide each dog under their care with sufficient food, clean water, housing and space; necessary veterinary care; regular exercise and adequate rest between breeding cycles”…


The underlying records weren’t deleted–just no longer represented on the web site. The information is still available by FOIA request.


All these records are now “stored at the bottom of a LOCKED CABINET in a DISUSED LAVATORY in the CELLAR behind a sign saying BEWARE OF THE LEOPARD.”

Can I simply turn this into a ‘BEWARE OF THE LEOPARD’ meme? for shorthand?


For the next few minutes, anyway, but I don’t have much faith that open governance will survive. The Senate confirmed the head of EPA, even though he had been illegally withholding information. They do not care.


“The agency claims it removed the records to protect the privacy of the persons named in them, but the records had always been redacted for this purpose prior to their publication on the USDA website.”

I wonder who got bribed.


This stinks. It has, however, greatly increased the number of adorable pet pictures in my Twitter timeline :heart_eyes:

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