Pentagon sucks up to Trump by censoring mentions of climate change in its global risks assessment

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Putin needs his northern coastline.


Well duhh…

First rule of writing is to know your audience.


It doesn’t matter, the Earth is dying anyway.


So much for protecting the homeland. Can the military be brought up on charges for dereliction of duty?


Roger That!

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Unless you are one of these short term thinkers whose horizon only extends to the next fiscal quarter or two, the death of the Earth is pretty much guaranteed when our Sun goes supernova.

The thing is, something like 9 feet of sea level rise is pretty much baked in at this point. The only question is whether we’re talking about getting there by 2100 ad or 2200 ad


This is not about Trump. The President doesn’t even have opinions on climate change. This is about the oil companies. They do own Trump, but only as a mouthpiece.

And who owns them? Someone who isn’t afraid of global warming. Some sea-dwelling creature that is good at disguise. I have seen three videos in the last couple of days presenting frog-fish or toad-fish as cute but harmless grumpy-looking creatures with powers of disguise and vocalisation…

Nice try, Frogfish Overlords, but we’re onto you.

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I hope that the permanent bureaucracy in the U.S. has a grep script that will set this sort of dangerous and stupid nonsense right once the Know-Nothings are out of power in the executive branch. The other damage this regime has caused will be a lot more difficult to undo.

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