Open letter about climate change from scientists to Trump

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Sorry. Too many bullet points. By the third one, he’s thinking about Alec Baldwin.


Exactly. He’s not going to read that. Was it written by a committee? Did anybody consider editing it?

Either they have no idea who their audience is, or it wasn’t really for Trump.


Too long for his attention span. Try 140 characters.


I am saddened by the fact that every single one of the preceding points was spot-on.


The first one should have been “Climate change is not a hoax created by China.” Not that they’d be able to convince him of that.


An inside source tells me that President Trump will address climate change in his State of the Union Tweetstorm.


Open letter about climate change from scientists to Trump

I hope they wrote it in crayon & included Yuuuge pictures, otherwise it ain’t going to sink into his big melon.


You gotta dumb it down a bit…


trump will do what trump wants to do to further trumps own interests. If it benefits someone else, that is not a motivator to get trump to act.


The signatory’s names are grouped by eminence, then in alphabetical order. First there’s a small number of top-of-their-professional-career types + emeritus names, then associate profs, assistant profs, then researchers, instructors, post-doc fellows, & doctoral candidates.

They have little to lose. I only recognize one name and she is one of the public faces of the anti-denialists. I suspect the rest are equally well known for the nature of their research. Their project funding is destined to be cut either way; they might as well speak their minds. And yes, the letter appears directed at an audience of more than one.


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I am saddened

Me too. These people have an incredibly important message and it feels like they aren’t even trying. It’s like they are covering their asses so that in the not too distant future they can say “told ya so!”. Or maybe all they know how to write are grant proposals.

Al Gore, on the other hand, visited Donald and Ivanka a day or two ago and that kind of effort is what could work.


Really bad bullet points not at all well written. So something more along the lines of build for the future not for today’s greed. Focus on renewables and recycling because not only can we use it here and now, we will be able to use it far into the future, on space stations and new planetary colonies, all of which will be totally dependent upon renewables and recycling, great example actually work with the global community to design and build an arcology, a place to live, learn, play and work, incorporating technology that would be developed into space station design.
Fossil fuels, global warming, sea level rise, the collapse of many coastal developments, with the most at risk places being the entire coastal Mediterranean, Florida, the US east coast, the Gulf of Mexico coastline and well the entire planets major coastal cities, trillions to be lost, unless corrective measures are taken. Modern cities mean we must strive to maintain a stable climate no matter what the cause.
Open and accessible communications means an open and accessible world, do not join the autocrats in the chaos of censorship and controlled message, in fact the internet has made it easier than ever for policing to track, investigate and prosecute criminals, by those criminals own idiotic and egoistic actions. Net neutrality or the right of equal access to the global digital reality is core and in fact you would have lost the election without it and you know that as truth.

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Try if you tackle climate change you will have to build less walls round your properties. Ok Donald?

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Will his flappers even let him read it?

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Are open letters ever actually written for the nominal addressee?


You think that’s a job? Trying to keep Trump from spending his time in deep study of complex issues?

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And that crazy thought/China/Them Furriners paranoia is the weirdest thing ever. I mean, why would a giant ass country known for massive pollution and carbon use create a giant hoax, which if people felt were true, would only draw attention to how bad of a carbon offender said country is.

I mean would be the equivalent of wearing a shirt that says “look at me, I’m a giant asshole”…


Building walls is actually a good idea. Keeps the water out.