Trump called climate change a Chinese hoax but he wants a massive seawall around his resort


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tRump: Do as I say, not as I do! Weeeeeeeeeeeee!


So future linguists will just have to fight it out over whether the colloquialism “You’re building a Trump’s Wall here” originally meant
a) “building a wall to protect against a threat that you say is real but is actually imagined (border)”, or
b) “building a wall to protect against a threat that you say isn’t real (seawall)”

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But who is he planning to have pay for it?


The snails.


Probably the endangered snails, they’ve got all that donation money from faking being victims of environmental damage anyway. False Flag!

ETA: for a comment about a slow animal, @chicagobee that was one fast ninja.


I’m shocked, just shocked to see this hypocrisy coming from him.


Yet another lie. The man couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it. See also his lies about Ford moving a plant to Mexico (the company was never planning to move the factory–trump just decided to spin up another falsehood because he can).


After the fall of the Berlin wall, a small town in Northern Germany set up a plaque to commemorate a local story; hundreds of years before the Ritter had set up a wall to keep out the peasants. When the men tried to pull it down they were attacked. But the local women then demolished the wall; and because the Ritter was a Teutonic Knight he could not make war on women and so the wall came down. In old German, the heading on the plaque was “Die Wall mot fallen!” - I would post it but my photo is on 645 and I haven’t scanned it yet.

I offer this as a possible slogan for an anti-Trump movement: “The wall must come down!”


“Mr. Trump - tear down this wall!”

It’s one of his inspirations, that guy who said that, is it not? I mean - he stole his campaign slogan and all.


Good luck going up against the Irish folk, Donald! They’ve been pulling the wool over Britain’s eyes ever since the Brits took an interest. In other words, they’ve been at this game a lot longer than you have!


The American people, excluding hard working entrepreneurs like himself.


There is no doubt that Trump is woefully lacking in the skills needed to lead a country like the U.S., however in all fairness, he in not unique among elected officials in beliving that political will can override scientific fact.


Your gif was cut off, for me, but it’s ok since I know the punch line.


If you click on it, you can see the whole thing.


Love the joke but I have to be “that guy” and point out it’s totally fabricated


Yes, but it was the only thing I could think of off the top of my head to illustrate the point. Been down with a cold for the last three days.


Did someone say he is unique in that respect? (Cuz I sure wouldn’t – he’s like just about every other rightwing fuckhead in that respect.)


Again this attitude is not limited to the Right, and I’m saying this from Left of Center. Politic and science have never gotten along too well, or for long, simply because science is chock full of all sorts of inconvenient truths that voters of all stripes are uncomfortable with.


Well if the seawall is to make sure his resort floods, then I’m all for it!