Trump called climate change a Chinese hoax but he wants a massive seawall around his resort


remember when “flip-flopping” was SUCH a dire and important thing? how quaint it all seems now.


It’s an obvious fabrication. First, no carrier captain is going to disclose the order of battle. Second, radar. Third, the story dates to well before 1998.


It might be the best way to avoid being reduced to your wallet!


In both the case of his denial and the building of the wall, the goal is the same - protect your investments.


and to hell with everybody else, apparently.


That goes without saying. He’s from the “I got mine” generation.



i’ve known all along that the rich property owners and business owners would be first in line for FEMA relief. i suspect now that the deniers will be there at the head of the line demanding government action prevent beforehand in response to coming climate change damages. privatize the profit and socialize the costs don’t you know.


I’m sure it’s not hypocrisy in his mind. When Boston and New York and Miami are under water it won’t be because of global warming, it’ll be because of . . . something else. . . “rivers producing too much water” perhaps, or “continental sinking.”

The important thing (for Trump anyway) is that he never ever admit he’s wrong about anything.


Ha! Looks like New Zealand is immune to rising sea levels. They just had a metre of uplift in only a few minutes.


Which type of camera?


That’s ridiculous. Everyone knows that story is between Americans and Canadians.


Yeah, fuck you global warming, we’re outta here! :grinning:

Note: not actually recomended as a method of dealing with climate change


I used to have Mamiyas before digital came along, and a Bronica. That was when I did a bit of commercial photography for the company of which I was a director. I used to take a 645 along on business trips because I also liked to take landscapes.


Continental sinking does happen. Don’t give them ideas.


Both great.


I even found the actual lighthouse according to one version


Enlightened R’s believe the climate is changing, but not from human activity. They believe it is ‘solar cycles’ or ‘just the earth doing it’s thing’, or basically anything that lets the continued gluttonous rate of consumption to continue and expand unfettered.


Señor Trump, derribar esta pared!


Just a matter of time now before the snails are named as enemies of the State and are summarily nuked (thus solving two of Herr Drumpf’s problems).