What can homeowners do when the only broadband provider around overpromises, then underdelivers? Not much


I’ll believe a corporation is a person when it can be successfully charged with fraud.


I always love it when they send me flyers for stuff and when I check actual availability it says NOPE. When I dropped the DSL in favor of comcrud the qwest rep asked if there was anything they could do to keep me, I said can you give me 50mb down? cause that will make me stay they said no 3mb was the best the could offer and I am in an urban residential area. Happily while gigabit Seattle went nowhere it did bring up some issues and put a fire to get service upgraded if I am lucky Condoinernet will decide they really do want to expand to residential as they do want to set up shop in all the new mixed retail/apartments being built nearby.

We need to rally all good Republicans to demand a market free from government intervention. No more free ride for AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner. Breaking the monopoly on long distance benefited the nation immeasurably. It’s time to set the internet free from crony capitalism.

Come on, GOP, let’s get busy writing that Level Playing Field Act of 2015 today! I bet it will make Al Gore really mad!


Or murdered. Or make an intelligible statement without referring to another person.

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Have you ever actually tried?


Slippery little weasels, vanish like smoke when ya grab 'em.


An action that would promote smaller government and oppose big business?!? GOP heads would start exploding as they tried to decide whether or not to support it.


Worth it even for just that effect, then.

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Like the donkey between two hay bales.

Aha! I always thought it was Aquinas’ daffy idea, but I was wrong.

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