AT&T: it's not "forced arbitration" because no one forced you to have broadband


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They must be sharing talking points with this asshole:


“Let them eat cake.” M. Antoinette


Sharing? They probably wrote his talking points!


Nice post.

For the obvious, general responses, this… plucked from the WP site:

“Nobody has to use indoor plumbing or electricity. They can just use outhouses and kerosene lamps. They have a choice, right?” one Twitter user wrote.

“Nobody has to use the Internet? Many jobs require it. Schools require it. Take his office Internet away, maybe?” said another.

“I’m an online editor. I have to use the Internet. Welcome to 2017,” another one wrote.


Right! Thats like “We didn’t cheat our customers - they decided to get services from us.”


Sensenbrenner is the guy term limits were invented for. He was already a congressman when I was a student in Wisconsin almost 40 years ago. He doesn’t need the job, his granddad invented Kotex.


“X, and if you don’t like X you can always withdraw from society and go live in a yurt deep in the Everglades.”


They don’t have to use the Internet because they don’t have to be an online editor. They could be a poor person instead. The world needs poor people too.


The stupidity… it burns!..


This is the Republican sentiment in a nutshell: you should believe and act the same way we do, and if you don’t it’s your fault for falling to the wayside.


Well back up a second. Did AT&T drive competition in this market out of business? If so, then yes they did force you to use their service, and they also just opened themselves up to antitrust action. Your move, Ma Bell.


So even if we assumed competition and people really chose to get internet from AT&T, their choice - based on a lie - excuses that lie because…?

“… and if they didn’t get the promised services, well, that’s their own fault for choosing us!”


Else who would the rich victimise?


Tweaked that for you.


You don’t have to have healthcare


Exactly. As long as you have access to healthcare, the rest is up to you.

(and fuck AMP.)


They believe in the free market. you know, the one where the rich control everything and the poor can take it or leave it.

a month in jail with only one food choice, shit sandwiches, would be an interesting object lesson. eating them is of course fully optional, there just aren’t any other food choices. enjoy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah - I was just thinking it was about time to break up AT&T again. The seem to have a track record of “Get big and abuse the system”, maybe we didn’t dice them up small enough last time around.


In our area, it’s either Cox (who pretty much sucks their name), or AT&T. The only third option is really not even close in terms of performance or price (which is saying a hell of a lot as the two mega companies stink on ice).

After routinely being screwed w/o lube by Cox (and not in a fun way), we switched to AT&T, who proceeded to screw us with an even bigger cock, that I’m pretty sure is wrapped in sandpaper. My supposedly FIOS fiber line speeds routinely trip gmail’s “we detected slow speed so we loaded the html page access for your slow ass connection” page. Not even going to cry about the more or less constant service interruptions (often multiple times an hour). And… I’m in a pretty major suburban area in So. Cal.

All these companies eat (^&^(^$^%#*&)!!! (sorry, even my usual tolerance for swearing on an adult forum wouldn’t let me post my thoughts on AT&T).