"What do you know about the female body?" Ask a random guy for a good laugh

Shee-it. We can’t go down the tubes any further because it’s clogged and stopped up with the ignorant.

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Hook 'em Horns!


Omigosh! I’m horrified! Guys, really? You should know all of this! I mean… as a guy, this is where we fit in…lol
LITERALLY… this is WHERE we fit IN! Learn more about your sweetheart :heart: (yes, I got 100%… This was basics in grade 6 biology!)

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These videos are maddening, not just because people are that ignorant, but because you know they’re not showing all the videos of people who successfully completed the task.

Between world conquest video games and the Nations of the World song, there are a bunch of us history/geography nerds who could do really well on this like the kid at the end.


They did specify human women and not kangaroo women, right?

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A corollary of that is, how many people gave correct answers and never showed up on the clip? Something like this is ripe for cherry-picking. Nevertheless, it’s a testament to just how utterly fucked our educational system has become.

Or they only cared about the external equipment, and then stopped paying attention. Years ago, on my mentioning that Frank Zappa died of prostate cancer to a male friend, he asked me what the prostate was. (ETA: we were in our 30s.)



As long as they don’t give advice or practice medicine on it…

Would love to see the same video, but with women. Getting asked the same questions.

How the hell don’t you recognise your own country on a map?


I think a lot of those guys had no idea what they were looking at. They couldn’t find the anus. Outside of schooling, I would hope women were talked through things like routine procedures and childbirth with their doctor. Opportunities these men could have blown off.

Obviously these responses were all cherry-picked, but for most of them the women standing next to them seemed surprised and embarrassed.


Heh. Reminds me of our son. We had to go to clinic because he had bladder control issues, which turned out to be physical. (It’s an astonishingly complex process, apparently. If designed, then absolutely by a drunken designer who chugged multiple litres of alcoholic beverages and thought about how to reliably wake up to urinate 15 minutes before they fell asleep.)

Anyway, the nurse asked him (he was 6 or 7) “please take of your pants and underwear and show me your butt - but from the front”.

He: WTF-look.
She: Your butt, from the front.
He: ???
I: She needs to look at your penis and scrotum.
He: Why didn’t she say so?

Please people, use proper anatomical terms… at least when it’s about anatomy.

I’ll take your word for it. For me, many, if not most, looked neutral, but I’m not good with faces.

Somethings are obviously bonkers, though. Humans are bilateral symmetric – we basically have either one or two of everything. Or rather: Singles or pair. I mean, we have two testicles, how the hell do you get to six tubes?

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As someone who did man-in-the-street interviews (“streeters”) as an intern for TV news, I can confirm that these segments all about cherry picking. It’s easy enough to collect enough extremely ignorant or weird answers to the question of the day. The world being what it is, you can count on there being a lot of unsophisticated adults out there in public who are also typically more excited than others to be on TV.

You and the videographer are usually in and out with what you need in an hour at most; 45 minutes if you’re at a tourist venue like this one. This one would be a dream given our sexist society – 30 minutes max with nothing but gold. The only place you’d do better is at a MAGA rally.


I imagine that there are people who say stupid shit on purpose just to up their chances of getting on TV…which is actually also pretty stupid when you think about it.


There are but you learn to spot them. You basically avoid teenagers and college students, especially in groups. You also want to steer clear of people who are dressed unusually to attract attention. Putting mentally ill or intoxicated people on is another no-no.

The goal is to have conventional-looking middle-class adults saying ridiculous and ignorant things. There are more than enough of them at places like the Chinese Theater or Times Square to make a crappy streeter assignment go quickly.


I’ve always thought this kind of thing would be fun, but you could tell in the geography one posted above that the correspondent was getting irritated by everybody naming continents as if they thought they were countries!
“That’s a continent.”


You are Nosferatu, and I claim my £5.


They’re fun the first time you go out but they quickly become scut work. The people conducting the interviews (usually off-camera, often unheard) are interns and very junior producers. The videographers absolutely hate pulling that assignment. Everyone just wants to get it done with and get back to the studio ASAP.

It can get a little more exciting when you’re wading into a hostile environment and being more confrontational, like Jordan Klepper does with MAGAts and anti-vaxxers. That’s not a regular MOS/streeter, though.


LOL. I wanted to get around that (I was thinking of fingers, though) with “Or rather: Singles or pair” but yeah, didn’t catch the teeth.

How about “everything is either single or paired sets?”

Edit:Ah, no, then you you can have a sex of 2 × 3 Fallopian tubes.

I give up and recommend just paying attention in school.

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I saw that too… Is this a subliminal “count the number of times a ball is bounced” psych test?

I know they’re selecting only those responses that are wrong, but that anyone got these wrong (much less how wrong they got them) is the appalling part.