What do you think of a New England Fall?

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My wife wanted to get married in the fall, but we got married in the spring. We had perfect weather, but fall is growing on me.

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It’s been beautiful!! I don’t have car so I spend a lot of time walking outside, and it’s just gorgeous here. It was 37 degrees and brisk with a bright, warm sun yesterday morning. It’s interesting that 37 here feels way warmer than 37 in the desert. I live in Winooski which is basically Burlington, though, which has a LOT of cloudy days. I’ve heard only Seattle has less sun lol, so that will be a huge adjustment, I am sure.

also this whole daylight saving thing is bullshit. At least Arizona does that right!

my choice not to own a car is not seen as weird here in Vermont, and in fact even employers seem to encourage it. It is a nice change and I love it here.


winter is coming.

I am a native of the deep, hot Arizona desert. Winter this year will be interesting.


heh. I grew up in South Dakota, but I have become acclimated to the relatively-warm NE winters.

The humidity here in CT is crazy – in the 90s much of the summer. I see news reports from places complaining about “65% humidity” and I laugh. We have algae growing on the back of our house!

And spiders.


But, the fall colors are gogeous, and the woods out back of the house looks wonderful when it’s carpeted.

Of course, this winter we get to watch the deer wintering. It’s fun trying to spot them.

I was in central CT for a month living with my (awful) aunt. You’re right about the humidity! I wouldn’t call it hot, because my idea of hot is burning skin and a roasted head, but it was super uncomfortable. Vermont is less humid, so that’s nice.

the spiders here are cute. :wink: I am from the land of scorpions and tarantulas and rattle snakes and black widows and brown recluses. Most spiders here are totally harmless.

my mom is from grand forks, ND, where I still have family.

my cousin called me in phoenix last winter and asked what the temp was. “72! Glorious day.”

“You mother fucker! It’s -60 with the windchill. I hate you.” then she hung up on me. It was hilarious.

Vermont gets cold but not THAT cold, thankfully.

I did hard labor and took a pee in an outside porta potty when it hit over 120 degrees the summer before last. I’m pretty tough.

we will see what happens when it gets REALLY cold!

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Okay, now I hate you.

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But they are so small and harmless, lol

I almost moved to VT this last summer (MontP) but chose to stay in MA. It’s not the cold there so much, since most places are built for it. The quality of the summers attracts me, but the length of the winter up there has dissuaded me.

It’s been an awesomely colorful one here in MA, and I was just up in Burlington VT and points north last month. it has been a great fall. The oaks here are just hitting their best now an the birches are already bare.

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