What does 2017 hold for science?

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Political hangover


I’m assuming that science is a Virgo, since I have heard that Virgo is the most analytical sign:

You normally act with great consideration and compassion. This year, what you do may more often have karmic implications with soul connections to improve your your're life. Your more playful, dramatic actions could have deeper, more subtle and long-reaching consequences.
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As this one reads really promising, I’ll suspend my usual scepicism for once and just embrace it. Which, I am told, is, like, typical Virgo behaviour, what with being pragmatic and stuff.
Except for that your / you’re typo. That kinda spoils it for me. Which, I am told, is …

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lube and ankle grabbing?

here’s to hoping i’m wrong, as i see it science is our best hope for the planet.


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