What does DNA taste like? An investigation


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I would have thought it had an acidic taste.


Salty and slimy DNA, now what does that remind me of?


It tastes a lot like RNA, pairs well with itself, basically


It tastes like life.

-The Tao of Pooh


Thank God, I was afraid that was DNA from something… bloody.


I came here for that joke. I was honestly expecting to see “maybe a bit like baking soda and an old penny…” a bit closer to the top of the comments.


Same here. Kept waiting for a, “a little bit salty and a little bit sweet”. Was disappointed.

Ah, here we go, the jokes write themselves.

Is he sure that that was actually strawberry DNA and not a lab assistant punking him?


Conclusion: strawberry DNA is best eaten accompanied by the rest of the strawberry.

Now I want to taste strawberries with the DNA removed. Get on it, food science.


An article covering DNA taste and no Monica Lewinsky quote? Sad…


…and that’s how you get mouth pregnant with strawberry babies.


*licks self *

… I’m good.


Looks like zombie spunk to me. Happy Halloween, kids!



You, uh… you know she’s not literally the only person ever to have given a blowjob, right? I know what semen tastes like, and as far as the local PTA knows I’m a fine upstanding straight cis-male dude.

I like a good semen-consumption joke as much as the next guy, but jeez, that’s a stale and unnecessary reference in 2017.

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