What happened to all the Star Trek hair? Shatner didn't take all of it home, did he?


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“That takes us up to here on missing hair goods.”

Classic! Nobody writes emails like this anymore.


Damn, I dropped in to cite exactly the same line. Eleven minutes too late – story of my life.


Have a consolation like. We’ve all been there.


We found them!!



Somebody was “wigging” out…


Via RC: it’s not easy being Bill Shatner


No, please don’t tell me that Uhura’s fab hair is fake! … I’ve been living with a lie.


No likes for you.


They seemed to have several wigs. If they had people wanting to use them for other things, maybe they could have split their wigs.


Misunderstood for life.








Isn’t it good for the brand for Captain Kirk to walk around town looking good in his off-season? Is this really good for the brand?:

And I agree with @MikeKStar, emails used to be a lot cooler.


Clearly, the hair piece budget was completely shot by the time Patrick Stewart took the chair.

(Although I wouldn’t have it any other way)


I had no idea Shatner was using hair pieces for so long.

There’s even a web page devoted to the subject.


But much harder. If you pressed control-Z it just typed a Z, for example.


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