What happened to the man clinging to the back of a fast-moving car?




Clearly this was just a Terminator reenactment. Cosplay is advancing rapidly you know.


Florida… it’s spreading like kudzu


The Carolinas have never been lacking in crazy.


Jesus that’s terrifying.

I hope that all involved, but especially the child, are found alive and safe.


The other thing I want to know is whether he won or lost in the Republican primary.


Surely they’ll be able to software deblur the plate and at least determine the owner?


“I thought it was a dummy at first”

Oh, he’s a dummy alright.


Looks like an oldsomobile alero… might be wrong






So she thought to take out her phone and record a video (while driving?), but she didn’t think to write down the license tag number?


Damn, that guy was like this close to the finals for the Darwin Award and he choked at the last second. Can he get a do-over… with bullet-proof glass this time?



uhh… this happened in America… of course not


She may have thought that her camera was good enough to pick up the number plate. Besides, not everyone carries a pad and pen with them these days; far less often than a phone, anyway.


You can see the car indicate to the right in the last few frames of the video. My guess is that not much happened.


And she didn’t think to turn her phone sideways, either.


Shoot in landscape mode? What is this crazy notion. I assure you that no cellphone user ever shoots in landscape.

The crazy part is: portrait video fits better on Facebook and their crazy narrow stripe of content layout, so people don’t even realize what they are doing.


We’re all in agreement that this was most likely a domestic violence / custody situation, correct? Either a mother absconding with a child against the father’s wishes, or a woman fleeing a scary father/boyfriend/stalker/husband. Unless that woman and baby are international spies and/or time travelers being hunted by a liquid metal android, I imagine this neither began, nor will end well or humorously…