What happened to the nerdy girl from Rock and Roll High School?

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What do you mean, sleazy - Eaglebauer Enterprises was totally legit.


I saw, Eager Beaver Enterprises was totally legit.

Yes, I’m one of those infantile humor meat popsicles.


Dey Young was sweet and charming, but PJ Soles … Gabba Gabba Hey

Corman produced the film - Allan Arkush and Joe Dante directed.



My experience with both of those fine films mirrors yours with uncanny accuracy. Over the Edge deserves a standalone encomium, both for its soundtrack and its spot-on portrayal of Gen X pre-teen/teenhood in suburbia. (The first time I ever heard the amazing “Ooo Child” was watching OTE).


Both great movies. EDIT: Over The Edge - I remember the party scene in a non descript unfinished basement in a cookie cutter 70s suburban home and thinking, wow they got it right I have been to that party.
And R&R high School, I saw it for the first time at the Dream Theater in Monterey, I want to say. I was visiting a HS buddy who was in the army at the time at Ft Ord.


I went back and forth between them during the many times I watched this “cable favourite” (i.e. a movie that Z Channel got to air on the cheap). The cast was just great (don’t forget that Paul Bartel had a part, too).

Over the Edge was a completely different experience. For whatever reason it was strangely fascinating, like watching a slow-motion car wreck. It certainly cemented my distaste for the exurbs at a young age.


She is quite the sculptor. My sister is also an accomplished sculptor in SoCal, but has never worked in marble, only clay and bronze. Marble must take some confidence.


Marble is wonderful and serene to sculpt. She should try it. I have done it, but not to the degree that Dey Young has. She is AMAZING. That takes talent and extreme dedication. :astonished: Wow


I’m wondering how that Eno song is used in the film–I know the track, and it definitely has a “sneaking around the high school halls after dark” kind of feel. :slight_smile:

If you’re in the mood for realism, watch Over the Edge , which was inspired by a true story of disaffected teens going on a suburban vandalism spree.

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that the ending of the real story was a bit different than the cartoonish ending of the movie, though. It was fairly realistic for the first 2/3rds, though.

That tool roll had me drooling. I don’t even carve stone.

I love that movie and seeing that Dey Young is a talented sculptor makes me feel super happy.

I really like some of the sculpture on her website. The goddess series are a little too surreal for me. But other works have a graceful sense of movement or capture an interesting emotion. Sorry if I sound like a pretentious art critic. I’m not at all, I just like the pretty statues. :smiley:


I loved Rock and Roll High School! Saw it several times on TV, and fondly remember the scene where the rest of the band is scarfing down pizza while the manager shovels alfalfa sprouts into a disconsolate Joey Ramone.

Manager: How many times do I have to tell you? No pizza for you, Joey. More wheat germ and riboflavin. Yeah good. Eat. See I’m gonna eat some myself. Mmm. Organic alfalfa sprouts, c’mon, Joey.


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