What happens if you drink a liter of soy sauce (spoiler: nothing good)


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So considering how salty it soy sauce is… so before I get to the end salt poisioning?


Permanent brain damage, but alive.


man that makes we want to swear off salty food.


Quit sugar too, live 90 years!


Here’s a similar case from a few years back


It seems that this is not an isolated case; though it is hopefully infrequent.


Even if you skip the sodium, it’s dumb and dangerous.


File it with the bleach cure-alls.


I am picturing self-mummification. Mucking up the electrolyte balance in your body never ends well. Never.


On the other hand, I guess you could consider it Darwin in action. There should be a whole separate section of the Darwin awards for “Internet Geniuses.”


As with all things…


Pretty much any health claim that consists of “Ingest X and purge your [colon/toxins/colon-toxins]” should be considered dangerous snake oil.


someone please tell me that was satire.


Quit sugar too, feel like you’ve lived 90 years by Friday!


Hell, that’s not even the craziest thing I’ve heard this morning. People vote for Trump…


Well…technically Doctors tell us to ingest antibiotics that do in fact purge our systems of both the good and bad biotics. Which is why most people end up in the bath room non stop when on a strong dose of ABs…but I know that is not what you were referring to.


Didn’t Strong Bad already cover this?


Wow, this episode of chubbyemu is shot very dramatically, much more so than they used to be. The value of production seems to have gone way up, too.



What’s the up-side?


Or until you develop cancer, or get hit by a bus, or fall off a roof, or are attacked by a bear, or get viral pneumonia, or Valley Fever, or Hep C, or rabies, or are mugged, or ride an electric scooter, or cut your hand opening a can of creamed corn and develop gangrene, or are hit by space junk falling out of the sky, or any one of a million other things, first.


I think this might kill a cat. And their systems are so good that they can safely process sea water.