What happens if you drink a liter of soy sauce (spoiler: nothing good)


Absolutely, antibiotics perform a specific targeted task. That’s quite different from “purging toxins” via soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, clay, colloidal silver, or other potentially dangerous cleanses.


You want to cleanse the colon? Just do the 48 hour colonoscopy prep. It cleans you out and then some. I get to do it again in 5 years.


That doctor has the bedside manner of my older brother telling me to stay out of his bedroom.


My spouse does drink apple cider vinegar (with the mother!!!) She adds it to her breakfast shakes.

I personally just drink copious amounts of bourbon and rye. I prefer my method.


Truthfully, I love apple cider vinegar (with the mother!) and find it helps stave off colds when it gets chilly out. Bourbon’s good for that, too.

I’m referring to the many “cleanses” that consist of fasting and drinking copious amounts of watered down ACV with honey & cayenne added (lemon juice is a frequent alternative) to induce purging.


I find V-8 actually helps with staving off colds and such. Also tastes good…unlike Apple Cider Vinegar. :wink:


I had a little episode of colorectal cancer this year, so I have to repeat that every 3 months for the next 2 years. And yes, it absolutely “cleanses.” I keep hearing Howard’s mother saying “How much liquid could be in one tuckus?” :grin:


He has a unique take on YT content. I am glad he is getting more successful.


In the video, it turns out she had undiagnosed Celiac Disease and was delusional due to its effects, leading to her being extra gullible to misinformation on the internet. She had been admitted to a psych hospital for treatment of the mental issues but didn’t respond to medication, so they just released her with a wave and a “good luck,” apparently.


Sure. But how’s her colon now?


Dear Sweet Baby Cthulhu, why would you ever want to do such a thing?


The regular type has way too much salt in it to be food for you. But I am a fiend for the low sodium or spicy versions.


Oh damn, that is awful. I have a really conflicted relationship with mental health medicine in this country. Finances tend to play way too big a role.




He was not at a bedside.

(And actually, that sort of straight talking is what I do want from the medics I consult.)



Who wants to ‘live a long time’ if you’re not actually enjoying life?


I am also reminded of this Gripping Tale.


No offense meant but…did you consume a bottle of soy sauce before composing that sentence?


No but I could have finished my coffee and considered how that would parse better though.


I would have guessed the same results as using an epsom salts laxative. Anyhow, it seems to be an effective way to ruin one’s own appreciation of soy sauce.