What happens when you write on 4chan that someone should kill an anti-Nazi sheriff

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I kid. But I guarantee you that yes the NSA for sure is trawling everything with machine learning. Now they don’t share information usually with actual law enforcement, but I’m sure lots of tips come in from users and from individuals and groups that do monitor sites like 4chan


Yeah, seeing this, all I can think about is how law enforcement completely begs off dealing with any threats made online (particularly 4chan, on which there are many), yet they instantly find and arrest this guy when he threatens a cop (in another state, no less).


Yea… when I was putting myself through college in my late 20’s during a notable recession, I found myself living back home. But unlike in my late teens, I kept my room clean and helped with chores, and did whatever I could to materially express gratitude, including painting the house over summer break.

Back on my own I’m more than happy to be a slob and play CIties Skylines instead of doing dishes.

Its not the living at home that’s shameful, its the entitlement, immaturity, and imposition of living like your parents are still obligated to take care of you.


I hope this guy goes to prison, and that his sentence will have a salutatory chilling effect on other far-right fuckwits online.


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I mean, for much of human history, the standard home wasn’t a single person or a nuclear family living alone - it was cross-generational families living together.

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But other than him being a nazi, we don’t know his circumstances at all… Maybe he also did all those things you did while going to school? Maybe he has sustained and ongoing health problems that prevents him from full time employment? Who knows… And of course, he could be all those things you said, too…

The problem is most certainly, the nazi stuff.


He should have known this tactic only works if you are an elected official.
Or at LEAST have a huge podcast following…

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My mom and I lived together for a while during/after her divorce from my dad. She really didn’t have anywhere else to go at that time. It was a rough time for me too because I was trying to work full time and go to grad school. It made financial sense so we made the best of it we could in order to survive and build/rebuild our lives. The stigma though… was not helpful.


Yep… there are so many ways that we have in our society to mark someone as a “failure” at life when much of life is just constantly dealing with the struggle in front of you, and figuring out how to get on with it… Very few people manage to get through life without setbacks of any kind, and it’s not because people are some how “failures”… It really annoys me that we treat setbacks as moral failings…


It’s only in modern America that living with your parents has become somehow shameful. The idea that you have to live “independently” to be a success is probably rooted in the ideas of self sufficiency and the frontier, as well as the post-WWII housing expansion, when multigenerational living became something only poor folks did.


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Yeah… you are absolutely correct. I was reading too much into his mother’s reactions, and fitting him into a pattern I recognized, and I laid into him like he was one of my lazy (non-nazi) buddies from back in that era.

Judgement on the nazi stuff still stands, obviously, though.


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