What if Alejandro Jodorowsky shot Star Wars?

Originally published at: What if Alejandro Jodorowsky shot Star Wars? | Boing Boing

I dare say that no matter who shot it, it still wouldn’t be about anything.

Another good headline would be: “What if a lazy person had a fun mash-up idea, but lacked the talent and skill to pull it off?”


For the nth time, Alejandro Jodorowsky planned to make a film of Frank Herbert’s Dune. People who had worked on that project went on to work on other SF films including Alien and Star Wars. Copies of the “Dune book” of concept art were allegedly passed around in the film industry and provided inspiration to yet more films.

Last year some crypto bros bought a copy of the “Dune book” for $3 million in the belief that doing so would give them the rights to make a film of Dune.


Does it matter if the computers make art them selves, one day all jobs, will go to machines and we will make art for the sake of it, not to make a living.

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