What if all the active volcanoes on Earth erupted at the same time?


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So it’s option 3 then?

(ETA: Appears to be fixed now…)


Finally! A new What If from xkcd!



How long have you been waiting?

If it’s “since the start of the hiatus last April” there’ve been about a dozen sporadic posts since then, most of them between January and March of this year.

If you’re aware of those: nope, still waiting.

ETA: I think this is the link that he would have posted, if there were a post:

Edit: Never mind, post is now live, and it’s a Flash Forward podcast episode.


Yeah, I’ve seen the new ones he’s done occasionally (in fairness, more frequently than I would have said he was doing).


But I’d like him to go back to weekly (do more free stuff for me!). I’d take that over the comics, to be honest.


Came for Boing Boing. Found Quora.


We’d be vaporized in the ensuing volcanization of our atmosphere?




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