What if Doggerland had survived?


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Always wanted to visit it.


I find that map a little hard to get my head around. This one from Wikipedia gives more context and shows the gradual changes.



I’m coming from an archaeological background, and that area would be so rich in information.


I’m sure that Brexiteers wake up screaming over nightmares that a new ice age will uncover Doggerland once more.


Yes - especially the shallowest part. It would have been an island, and in its last days the entire population would have left or drowned, leaving a complete collection of everything they could not take with them.

Dogger Bank: too big to fail.


This is the premise of the Northlands Trilogy by Stephen Baxter that starts with the novel Stone Spring. The series is worth reading and is interesting counterfactual because you have the Doggerland culture interact with the more familiar ones we know like Egypt and Hittites in Anatolia. There is even some New World interaction. It’s a story about fighting climate change.


Get overenthusiastic with geoengineering and atmospheric aerosols, Doggerland could again rise above the waves.


When I first read of Doggerland I thought of Beleriand, a region of Middle Earth (west of the Blue Mountains) which was inundated after a great war.


“Doggerland” starring Kevin Costner


Stephen Baxter’s Northland Trilogy posits just this. At the end of the last ice age when the sea levels are rising a community that was living there engineered a sea wall that was improved and maintained well into the iron age.
A fascinating albeit fictional story


It is

Fishermen are constantly bringing up mammoth bones and teeth in their nets and, more rarely, worked flints and other human artefacts

Preserved pollen and microfauna from seabed samples and geophysical data from the gas and oil industry are also very useful to researchers


If Doggerland survived, there would be twice as many dogs in the world than there are today. But seriously, it must be a archeological treasure trove.


It will be 16 hours long.


Time and space will warp though, if they set out on a three hour tour.



Maybe that’s what happened in Waterworld.


Gilligan’s Waterworld?


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