What if my Buddy grew up?

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Robot Chicken has already savaged that little piece of childhood.


:smiley: (But that last one is grim, and was done way better in my opinion by the film Chuck & Buck.)

Where do you think Stepford wifes/husbands come from?

On a related note I heard state troopers had to put Teddy Ruxpin down in 1992 after he mauled a librarian.

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I don’t think it is the lack of parents… I think it is the type of child that Buddy had to hang around with… I mean, think of THIS poor Buddy and who he had to grow up with…


Toss Mon-Chi-Chi in there for the trifecta!

Parallel question: What happened to all those My Buddy dolls? There’s something really sad about imagining them chain-donated to Goodwill until they’re too ragged to go on and ending up in a dumpster. Better to go out quickly, torn to pieces by a bored Golden Retriever.

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