What is going on in this photo?


Damn, beaten to it :slight_smile:


You don’t even need outlines, a simple black dot over the part that makes it confusing seems to clear it up.


Late stage capitalism.

That, or they’re in a wrestling argument over Starship Troopers.


What is going on in this photo?

Three kids visit the last video rental store in America?


A perfect alignment between shirts accounts for the problem. Here’s the same pic with a slight tweak.


Maybe it’s just me but the black dot makes it look like the kid in the back is doing something really inappropriate.


Or is it the “Dirty Frog Dance”?


Slow news day, Mark?


Judging from the old-fashioned setting, I suspect this may be an earlier stage of capitalism.


I like this one better.


Three people six legs. What’s the confusion?

Don’t really want to think about the family dynamics though.


Isn’t she a little young to be a parrothead? That’s more of a “retired early, party in my new RV” demographic.


I also fail to be confused. Could you post an outline of the body shapes as you see them and an explanation of the part that makes you confused?


This is what I initially saw, upon a quick glance. Then after a few seconds, it clicked in.

Pardon my sloppy photoshop highlighting.


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