What is going on in this photo?

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Just some good ole’ fooling around.

I see three sets of legs, three sets of arms, and three heads.

Where’s the confusion?


Even with the cropped photo, I fail to see where the confusion is.


Who are the legs in the foreground attached to? The next pair back appear to be the woman’s and the pair behind that appear to the man’s. The child does not appear to have legs, and the legs in the foreground do not look like they should belong to him.

Jeeze how is no one even the least bit interested in a temporal rift that transported two to three people back in time to a Blockbuster or somesuch?


That’s the thing that confused me most. They seem to be in some sort of store with shelves and shelves of video games. I didn’t realize such places even existed.


I hear they went extinct years ago, along with the buggy whip.

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It seems as if you answered your own question. Girl is in front, giving meathead a piggyback ride, with his legs poking through her arms. Pipsqueak 12 year old is behind, in a grey shirt, “helping.”

This is definitely not a single bit confusing to my eyes. I mean, her dress is clearly blue and black!


White and Gold!


We have several Family Video stores where I live. The one closest to my house is right next to a Marco’s pizza, free one day rental when you buy a pizza… I thought the question would have been who has a DVD player…

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But by that account his torso is about 1 foot long.

I think there are 4 people here. Girl is carrying “meathead”, but I think there are two kids behind holding him up. That explains why the person wearing the black/navy shorts with the gray stripe appears to be turned toward the left while the 12 year old appears to be leaning back.

Cap’n Obvious here: the only confusing element is that the piggy-backing guy’s white shirt lines up with the boy’s hip. But if you see that the boy’s grey shirt is visible at both his hip and his sleeve, you can figure out that those are his black shorts and legs.


This. Because the two shirts line up so perfectly, your eye can be fooled into thinking that the dude with the backwards hat has a two-tone shirt (white, with a bit of grey on the bottom), black shorts and scrawny legs. But nope, those shorts/legs belong to the smaller kid in the back.


Correct number of legs, it just looks like they belong to the wrong people. :slight_smile:

(if it helps, put your thumb over the bit of white shirt under the childs arm. the husbands shirt lines up perfectly with the childs legs, which is what got me at first :slightly_smiling: )

Could you trace the body outlines over the photo and post them for me? Thanks!

Someone already did on the Reddit thread: https://imgur.com/mRMzSra


Part of what seems to make it look weird is that the heads of the front two people seem disproportionate to the size of their legs. It seems like they’re probably leaning their heads and shoulders toward the camera due to the weight of the piggyback rider (and now I have a Beatles parody lyric stuck in my head). Inversely, it looks like the kid in the back has his legs forward and is leaning back with his torso and head.

I’m not sure, but I haven’t watched any of those Human Centipede films yet and I’m not about to start now.