What is the lethal dose of various substances?


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Kind of pointless without body mass and statistics. How about some LD50s?


Did someone do a random double-blind placebo-controlled study of 5,231 volunteers to come up with these amounts? Just curious.


8000 meters, not 8,000 feet. Otherwise the entire population of, say, Tibet would already be dead.


Even an LD-50 dose is only 50% likely to kill you.
And it’s mass dependent. And and and.


The plutonium toxicity is vastly overrated. There are quite some people from the Manhattan Project and the following ops in the “UPPU” (you pee Pu) club, who were involved in accidents and have enough plutonium in them to be detectable in their urine. They are health-monitored and many are still alive, and their health is similar or better (probably due to the health checks) than the general population.


right, but it has statistical meaning.


That was Polonium, not Plutonium. Much shorter half life, much nastier.


(Indeed. Where are my eyes today?!?)
True that. I stay corrected!


So according to Wiki, the LD50 of capsaicin is 47mg / kg body mass, which makes me wonder how many ghost peppers I would have to eat if I was really severely depressed?


Holi chili, the entire idea gave me heartburn.


Something makes me think your body might purge it before you could absorb a lethal dose. Sounds horribly unpleasant either way.


I was hoping this video would address how many Youtube videos in a row are fatal.

I guess I will just have to live dangerously for now.


Are you implying that youtube videos are a substance, or simply “have substance”?



I’m going to steal this chart. Because the naturalistic fallacy makes people think, say, and do things that are just so stupid.


Well said. :smile:


Good catch. I had Monty Burns syndrome there for a second. Too many things trying to jam through the door and none of them got out.


Now that you’ve corrected, I’ve corrected. :smile:

(And anyone can see my edits!)


If you google images for toxicity charts, you can find similar images. If aspirin were invented today, it would probably be prescription only - it’s easier to kill yourself with aspirin than with Xanax, just infinitely more painful. Frat boy types have died from chugging a liter of soy sauce or eating a teaspoon of caffeine powder. The caffeine powder is available as a nutritional supplement because it’s a natural food extract. Notice that a double expresso is probably 1/50 of the lethal dose of caffeine, and yet nobody is demanding coffee be banned. And that’s in addition to significant levels of toxicity in every vegetable and many fruits. If you ate a couple pounds daily of a single vegetable (carrots, celery, rhubarb etc etc) for a month, the toxicity would probably be evident.