What is this mystery object that washed up on a South Carolina beach?


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It’s a religious artifact.


Nose of a Space Shuttle external tank? Wild guess.


Looks like some type of bouy that got loose from it’s mooring and lost what ever thing was in the middle…wave data, ocean temp, weather stuff…etc.


That’s…that’s the drain plug. We are fucked.


THERE IT IS. jeez, i wondered where i lost that.


Well that’s one way to combat sea rise in the face of global warming. Not sure it’s the right way, but it’s a way.


Its one of the old Battlebots trophies


At first I went, “snicker.” Then I went, “hmmm…” It actually isn’t a bad match.


I second that. That’s some very very thick insulating foam which makes me think it’s a piece of a gigantic cryogenic tank.


Cthulu’s lost contact lens


Odd place to find it - the ET was jettisoned over the Indian Ocean. But it could well be from another type of rocket or missile entirely that drops its stages in the North Atlantic.


Part of a fender


many fantastic theories and a few boring ones

Unfortunately, the boring ones always turn out to be correct.


Movie prop? That’s about the only thing of that scale that I can think of which would be entirely made of foam, yet have metal-looking components like the inner bits.


The last time we had one of these it was part of a Falcon Heavy cargo fairing. This is not that, but could be equally interesting…


I’m not saying it’s aliens, but…


Do you have a lot of feral donuts roaming CA’s shores, looking to cause damage?


Mega Yeti Cooler


Big bouys are hollow steel structures. Chained to HUGE concrete footings.