What is this thing someone found in a creek bed?


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No idea what it is, but I like the idea of the subreddit. It reminds me of one of my favourite game shows from my childhood:



Hmmm - no idea. If it was iron it should be magnetic, which as far as I know, what cannon balls were made of.


My bet’s on cannonball.


Mid 1700’s anal bead?


Unless you’re joking about snow globes. That’s verboten.


You would be amazed what mysterious objects end up in Creek beds. Spotted on the Cherokee reservation in western NC while I was trout fishing.


it looked so much bigger in the movie…


Wait, it isn’t a vaporator?



lol…yeah heavy, not magnet, found in a creek.
i with you on guessing he found a rock. :slight_smile:


Like anything, it is what it does, regardless of consensus.




Looks very much like an iron concretion made from iron sulfide or iron oxide which form in sediments before they are fully lithified.


I don’t really know much about US artillery history, but historically cannonballs were made of stone, lead, and pretty much anything else you could think of, including wood.


Found! Donald Trump’s shrivelled soul…


Looks like the Iron Giant finally passed that kidney stone.


Only way to be sure is to hatch it and see what comes out.


It’s a creek-chocolate to put on the creek-pillow of your creekbed.