What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name


So-Called Sexy Anarchists


Experiment with Decency


That is more like a GSV name than a band name, I reckon.


Album title: Safe Space


I dunno, I’m partial to Witless Dunderfucks myself.


squat agressive humming noise schlorp


LIVE this friday at the Chili’s at 45th and Lamar

Beltway Cognoscenti

with opening act

Wan Dogmatists

White Supremacy Euphemism Generator for journalists

Reduced to Wallet and Flip-Flops by Illegal Attempt to Bathe


Props to the originator.


Swivet is quite a good band name in and of itself.


Is it valid to use a band name from your own comment you just posted? If so, then:


Good album title…




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truculent hippo:

(why doesn’t ampersand shy semicolon work anymore, dammit?)
ETA sophomore album:


As we are watching the new Woman in Black:

Millenial Actors

Pointless Remake


Feed the Bone


Band Name: Jewish Members

First single: The First Cut is the Deepest


Cement Mixer - “Expectations and Spoilage

A legend on the local grindcore scene, Cement Mixer’s first album does not fail to deliver all the ear-shattering sonic violence that has made them infamous on the circuit.


Can’t think what the first album is called though.


Mercury Falling?