What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name


Ha! Brilliant typo on my part.


Anarchist Bookfair


Stuck for an album title tho.

Eta: au contraire:


Band name: Clicking Tongues
Debut EP: Lithium Party (thanks, @Garymon!)


Always happy to inspire band names and albums. :smile:


Discount Hamburgler


Presenting live, via telepresense session, the long awaited album “Xacto-ing Revenge” by the Grammy nominated music collective Justice Scalpel.


A long time ago I considered starting a group called “Osonga Bin Louden and The Taliband”.

Probably good that I didn’t.



Look out for my new band:

Most Least


…suddenly was possessed with the above.


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Is that a Pussy Riot cover band?


Oh man, when i saw the thread link i was so hoping that this was the excerpt. I almost put it in accidental poetry…




The Jihadi Jaywalkers


Debut album: Bowling Green Massacre.


Oh yeah… the Title track had that chorus…

Bowling Green massacre
Alt Facts to hassle you
Bowling Green massacre
ISIS gonna mess with you
Bowling Green massacre
Post truth Bullshi Yeah
Now it’s time
Get in line
We’re so busted
Done and dusted

Duran² Red Carpet Massacre if it’s too obscure


80s thrash punk crossover is, indeed, well due for a comeback.




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