What it’s like to ski an Olympic downhill course

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Seems like a fair number of these clips won’t embed, and you have to click through to Youtube to watch.

I would bet @codinghorror could hack something together that warns you when trying to post one. (Feature request!)

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I want to know what the time on that run was and how it compares to Olympic times. Based on shadows the skier was carrying the camera and not using poles. I bet a go-pro helmet cam on a top athlete would be waaaay faster.

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Not my style, I’m a hiker, not a skier. About as exhilirating as I get would be a glissade like this. (Not my vid, I don’t own a helmet cam.) (Occasional profanity)

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The real thing on an Olympic track is … something else. To get an idea of what the surface is, you need to understand that it’s prepared by a horde of workers who wet it down to give it a nice, slick-as-an-ice-rink hard surface. Think, “ice skating downhill on a 45-degree slope.”


I wonder how accurate the sound levels are on that. Is it really that quiet?

Kind of. Seems more like what it’s like to be carried down an Olympic downhill course, about waist high. They couldn’t strap a GoPro 4K to a helmet? o_O

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Nope. Could watch only about 20 seconds before feeling nauseous and dizzy, even on my wimpy laptop screen. Even a relatively minor disconnect, like this POV video, between what my eyes see and what my body/inner ear feels makes bad things happen in my brain, and it seems to be getting worse the older I get. Blerg…

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I did my ice axe training on a ski jump, originally built to host the Winter Olympics, that was still groomed for ski jumping outside the window that the club rented it, so I’ve got a general idea. :slight_smile:

An actual glissade on a steep, narrow trail with the ever-present possibility of “inadvertent tree-assisted self-arrest” is a different sort of excitement. Maybe not as fast, but just about as high a pucker-factor as a double-diamond ski run. (Not that I was ever that good on skis.)

No. They usually scream all the way down.


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Are these YouTube video marked as “refuse to embed” by the video owners?

Yep. That’s the message shown.

This cropped up in another thread; seems like maybe the problem is that the poster is not using the “preview” feature of the BB blog.

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