What it's like to be the editor of Wordle (spoiler: she loves her job)

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This is so on the nose for The New York Times.

“We have a product that absolutely doesn’t improve for 99.9% of its users if someone is choosing the word of the day. Let’s assign an editor to it.”


I made them “drive” and “feast” on the day before Thanksgiving and on Thanksgiving.

I’m one of the many people who hate that crap. Wordle is already a relatively easy puzzle, it doesn’t need words associated with anything to do with the current day.


The Christmas one was actually “Killjoy.


Much better without an editor. I don’t want to have to play some kind of is-this-themed meta game when I just want to guess a random word.

And that upcoming difficult luck-based word us going to be really popular with players trying to maintain solve streaks.


I’m okay with an editor putting their thumb on the scale to avoid having sequential words that are too similar or streaks of words that are easy or difficult.

Without the potential agony of defeat, there is less thrill in victory. However, words that require a lot of luck is why I don’t play in Hard Mode; if I get -ound, I want to be able to play as many potential letters in the next word as I can.

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Wardle did that himself when generating the word list originally IIRC. He picked out the “this is a bad word for this game” entries and removed them.

The idea that someone needs to do this word-by-word on a daily basis and related to the news of the times is absurd.

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