What it's like to know everything about Star Wars, despite having never seen it

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that guy didn’t even know if anyone shot first!


There’s no need to see Star Wars when there are radio plays!

Hate to say it, but this guy is in for a buttload of disappointment. As much as I like watching the Star Wars movies, they really aren’t that good. Fun to watch, but…

The original trilogy – especially Star Wars (aka A New Hope) and Empire Strikes Back – hold up brilliantly as fun, rich, entertaining storytelling. Worth watching, absolutely. They’re classics now and they’ll be classics in fifty years for good reason.

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let us remind us with this video from 2011:

Wookiees: Deformed Ewoks, except three times bigger.

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It’s not unheard of. The .50 BMG machine gun round is a scaled-up version of the 30-.06.


I was thinking more along these lines:

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This is how I feel about Gundam, honestly.

Or any show on cable tv.

Sports Wars: The Phantom Tennis
Sports Wars: Attack of the Cones (the gymnastic special)
Sports Wars: The New Dope
Sports Wars: The Umpire Strikes Back
Sports Wars: Return of the Medals

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