May the fourth be with you - download or listen to the original NPR Star Wars radio plays at the Internet Archive

Star Wars:A New Hope The Original NPR Drama

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Star Wars: the Empire Strikes Back Radio Drama

Return of the Jedi NPR - 3

NPR - Star Wars: Return of the Jedi


Spent nearly 12 hours today at Hollywood Studios at WDW to celebrate May the 4th with many thousand wanna be Jedi and Sith. It is an uplifting experience for me and I heartily recommend it. I’m not sure there’s another fandom with such universal appeal that brings so many races, genders and ages together, and I think May the 4th in Batuu really shines a light on how empowering the SW universe is for so many.

I’d wager this is a similar feeling to a SW convention except way more diverse since undoubtedly the number and types of SW fans prepared to geek out in Batuu far exceeds the type and number of fans that would go to a SW con.


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