What music are you listening to?

Tonight I’m going to see Goose at the Wiltern Theater, which is one of my favorite venues in Los Angeles. It is in Art Deco style, out and in, and I love seeing it in a modern context. Plus it’s a cozy space where the sound is good. And there are seats :wink:

I hadn’t planned on it but a friend reminded me, and now I’m in. Goose describes themselves as an Indie Groove Band. For me, as a fan of the Grateful Dead, Phish, Widespread Panic, and others, I have been liking Goose’s music since they exploded onto the scene just as COVID hit. I’m psyched to see them.

My favorite show at the Wiltern was also my first Widespread Panic Show. Late 1990s. But I always love the Wiltern.

I hope this topic is acceptable, etc. and also that others will join in. I love seeing live music. Used to go to 25+ shows per year, both in LA and on Phish tour. Slowed down during the pandemic, and also now that I am older, and also have person at home I want to see :-).

A great idea, as live shows are certainly distinct from other threads on music!

Last live show I saw was They Might Be Giants… they played all of Flood (though not in order) and lots of other songs I loved…

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Currently listening to Rikard Sjoblom’s Gungfly. Rumbling boxes

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Nice. I saw They Might Be Giants back in the early 90s in a club in Manhattan. After wearing out my cassette of their album Flood I was amazed it was just the two of them. Didn’t realize before then.

That must have been amazing! This was my second time seeing them, both in a mid-sized, packed venue…

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