What political party dominates your occupation?


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It’s refreshing to see religion recognized for what it is, a business.


I want to meet those republican environmentalists. What’s their story?


This doesn’t surprise me.

Taxi drivers are a diverse bunch, many are immigrants and are typically located in cities or major metropolitan areas. In other words, firm blue territory. Truck drivers are typically white males (73% according to the 2010 Census) who aren’t based in the city – firm red territory.


Seems legit to me.


Looks about right for mine. Even our die hard conservative folks are freaking about the new president, though. It’s like we are all coming together on hating this one guy and what he’s doing.


The “carpenter/plumber” split leaves be baffled!


The pairings are pretty great in a “wink wink, nudge nudge” sort of way way. A lot of them can be read as a straight “What do you call a Republican X? Y!” joke formula…

Librarian / Logger
Chairwoman / Chairman
Sculptor / Plastic Surgeon
Chef / Cattle Feeder
Comedian / Talk Show Host


I think I see a pattern: science, math, arts and humanities. These are giving people creative thinking capabilities. These are also programs that have been cut over the years by the republicans.


Somebody has to write those reports saying that building a new condo development on nesting grounds for some endangered bird is just fine, don’t they?


I wonder if the deep-red “farming and forestry” numbers include the off-the-books-and-dubiously-documented portion of the agricultural and meat-processing labor force?

It strikes me that, while many are unlikely to be US voters, they might have slightly different political stance.

(edit: other things that surprise me: what’s up with all the republican Chiropractors? I thought that that stuff was lefty-woo?

And does anyone know what the deal with the ‘skilled trades’ is? Sheet metal workers are almost as blue as cartographers; but welders are deep red; that sort of thing. Is this historical residue of different unions dying horribly at different rates?)


Well, you could start with ConservAmerica (formerly Republicans for Environmental Protection).


This makes me proud.


A lot of the building trades (depending on where you are) have a lot of latinos working in them. Construction crews, roofers, builders, those folks seem more likely to interact with latino people. Plumbers, not typically being on large crews, with plenty of subcontractors, are more isolated.

My thinking is that relying on people different than yourself, to get your job done, that tends to go with a left leaning attitude. It’s not the work, it’s the coworkers.

It’s just a theory, of course, and not a very in-depth one at that.


Given that it’s pseudoscience and many are anti-vaxxers I can’t say I’m surprised.


On the chiropractors – they believe they’re legitimate, and resent the hell out of regulation that classifies them as alternative. While some insurance plans do cover a limited amount of chiropractic care for soft tissue orthopedic issues, the chiropractors believe they should be able to treat everything from asthma to herpes zoster. But actuaries and evidence based medicine refuse that, so chiropractors feel like they’re getting shorted on their hourly rate, and thus, gummint is evil.

Also, there’s a significant moiety of Mormon chiropractors. Especially in rural Mormondom, which trends deep red, there’s a metric fuckton of SCAM, including chiropractic. It’s considered a good career option for young Mormon men who marry shortly after they come home from their missions, since chiro school is about 4 years instead of 10 for med school.


Note to self: never talk politics with my dentist.


I like the ones that are 100% Democratic: Choreographer, Costume Designer, Cinematographer, Research Psychologist, Art Conservator, Playwright, and Book Publisher. There don’t seem to be any 100% Republican.


I knew about the whole “Can’t you guys stop screwing around and just act like some combination of massage and physical therapy vs. Manipulating your Subluxations will cure the Autism” thing; but I had no idea about the Mormon angle. Thanks.


that’s still a thing?