What profession is least diverse?

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It’s frustrating to see so many union-related professions on this list (http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2013/11/the-33-whitest-jobs-in-america/281180/). I’m a big supporter of the good that unions can do, but damn, they don’t do themselves any favors sometimes.


It’s harder to get into vet school than human medical school, with fewer scholarship options, and the number 2 whitest profession is farmer/rancher (gee, you think the historic issues of purchasing land as a minority might have some bearing on this?). History takes a long time to overcome.

One of the linked articles ends with a negative example of Chicago unions at their finest (not), but I will say that it’s not all bleak here on the south side: at our vet’s office, half of the vets are African-American as well as almost all of the support staff.


Dealing with beasts is a Witcher’s work.


Welp, our cats’ veterinarians are Indian. I guess we get to rock the norm out here.


Our vet’s office is all Asian and Hispanic.
Edit: the off-hours emergency vet is African American.


I could make a stereotypical comment about Asian vets. “Sorry, we couldn’t save your pet duck.”

But Mitchell and Webb show us we really can’t trust any of them.


What’s even more telling out in corporate America - go pick 10 random Fortune 500 companies and have a look at the “Leadership Team” on their website…


I’m not entirely surprised, actually. Unions have a long and tortured a history with race as just about every other institution in the US. There is a pretty long debate about whether or not Unions (as a whole) have been racist or inclusive.

My former employer’s “Leadership Team” page looks like a middle aged white guy catalog.


I’m guessing KKK leader.

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All the vets I know are from Vietnam.


To be fair, that’s rarely a profession, more like a hateful hobby.

I’d really like to see a list that overlayed average job income with average job diversity. Besides a few outlier careers I’m guessing most of the lack of diversity falls on the two extremes of the income spectrum.

There are some jobs that aren’t diverse on the other end of the spectrum because they are fed mostly to a certain class of immigrant labor. strawberry picking comes to mind, that is hard thankless backbreaking work.

You’ve got a regular melting pot of veterinarians. That’s awesome.

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