What’s wrong with the people who read celebrity magazines?

But how can I be fat when they say that I am not consuming enough? Help! Somebody tell me what to do!


Buy some pies. And some diet pills, fatty.


Bat Boy Bats a 1.000!!!

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Whats the difference between consumers of celebrity magazines and people who come to boingboing for the latest outrage against encryption, security theater, sexual orientation/identity, etc. etc. etc.?

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Boobies. Celeb mags have these:

BB has these:

Articles. Celeb mags have these:

BB has these:

Dick humor. Celeb mags have these:

BB has these:


I think that there are several differences.

  • Culture VS Celebrity - As I mentioned above, celebrity seems to be a tenuous concept. They seem to function (poorly) as avatars which engage in cultural activity so that the average person does not need to. I appreciate bOING bOING as being something of a cultural nexus. Perhaps not the only or best nexus, but I appreciate it for what it is. I don’t come here for “outrage”.

  • Consumption VS Participation - I don’t “consume” bOING bOING, I participate in it. It functions as a forum, where I am providing content as well as reading it. A group discourse and a social experience. Print magazines exemplify an old, completely centralized hierarchical one-way broadcast media model. Whereas BBSs represent an only slightly hierarchical, egalitarian two-way media model.

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I’m entirely unsure that BB represents “culture” in any way at all. It may reflect a certain shared interest group with certain common tendencies but thats a far stretch from culture. As for participation, I’ve seen groups of people talking in real life about celebrity gossip magazines. One of their functions is as a social nexus.

There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with people who read celebrity magazines. They’re just bored by their own lives. They like to be spoon-fed easily digested gossip, without actually having to ever risk the moment where the person talking to you expects assistance or advice.

So I think. But then - wtf is a ‘celebrity magazine’?

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###Japhroaig Monthly


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