What taking the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator says about you

And I am both a total Libra and definitely a Rabbit! But there is no science to that either. It can be a useful means of self reflection though


Do you really think it is comparable? I seem to remember it asking good questions about how you typically react in situations, and the ways you prefer to work and think. That seems more probative and useful than when you were born.



I mean, that’s a good synopsis. There is a lot more out there.

I really like this book The Personality Brokers for an in-depth look at not just Myers-Briggs but personality tests in general:

In the 80s, the evangelical Christian crowd I was involved with was highly enamored of the Four Temperaments as personality categories.


Nothing about the subjective experiences of identity and personality that can be scored with a bubble sheet could really be all that nuanced imo.


I agree. I feel like it is a more general thing, but it definitely identifies tendencies i have and ways i prefer to communicate and work. That all seems like it could be useful, but as i mentioned, it is anecdotal.


Well at least you can fly on out of here easily.


I had no idea this was still a thing. Back in the dark ages, like late '80’s, this was a huge thing in med school to get you into a residency “suited to you.” I tested INFP and when the advisor found out i wanted to go into peds, he strongly advised against it. 30 pretty damned successful years later,

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After my 3rd test, none the same, I was told that you will always get the same result unless you’re under stress.

So only those who have zero stress get consistent results. That’s convention that could be held in a phone booth.


Isn’t the Divergent franchise about a world where all of society has been segregated and stratified according to Myers-Briggs :confused:

I mean, that’s the impression I got from the promotional materials


Same. :unicorn: :full_moon: :rainbow:

I do wonder if always getting the same results on these tests when HR brings them around says something about the way I take tests or my general predictability.


If HR physically brings them around, I would make a big show of pulling some dice out of the drawer.

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“What taking the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator says about you”

It tells you that your employer is an easy touch for fraudsters and is forcing you to subject yourself to quackery.


Obligatory Nico.


This discussion is reminding me that there are many types of nerds, and my usual archetype, INTP, is just one of them


In my university’s mandatory “you nerds realise you need to apply for jobs, right?” course, I remember the instructor saying that companies who recruit using interviews got similar results to companies that relied on graphology.

I don’t know where she was getting that data, and the study must have been pretty old (because, handwriting?), but the assertion was too good to fact-check so I’ve always assumed it to be true.

The idea you can measure someone’s personality like a bag of flour is just total, dehumanising bollocks. If organisations could admit that they make these decisions based on a combination of prejudice, cronyism and random chance, it would save everyone time and dignity.


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I have seen some stuff that says that the whole interview and resume process is pointless. Not sure how much science there is to back it up, but I do know that I am extremely personable and have never had the qualifications for any of the jobs I’ve had past my first three or four retail ones, so I have always assumed that the point of the interview process is to make sure that you’re white


Yes, but - hear me out - astrology has its use. It’s often mis-used, to be sure. But it has a use.

As a forecast tool it’s useless. Let’s be perfectly clear about that.

But astrology does encourage people to consider other points of view. Particularly: it encourages people who are not currently inclined to learn about actual psychology to consider other points of view. “Why on earth would they…?” leading to “oh, I suppose they might think…”

And I’m all about people making an effort at empathy.

On that basis, since astrology has only 12 personality types and Myers-Briggs has 16, Myers-Briggs is “4” better than astrology.


A manager friend who is not white said the point of interviews, for him, was to determine how easily he could foresee wanting to punch the interviewee in the nose.