What Target's graphic designers know about America that you don't


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Well, it’s good to know that Rob Liefeld has found work.


Uh… maybe that Disney owns all 3 of those properties?


Evil Lords, Good Soldiers, and Approving Princesses. Sigh.


Could a lightsaber cut through a Vibranium shield?



I’m not completely sure, but I think it means “buy stuff.”


Those characters are the buildup to our collective waldo moment.


Reading left to right, it says, “Evil beats goodness, gets babe.” Corporate America cannot be allowed to profit from such misogynist and pro-Sith sentiments. Boycott!


Teens - Boys - Girls



Elsa is telling Cap to “let it go” and join the dark side over to his right. Easy for her to dismiss American ideals, since she can just go off to a frozen place to the north of her homeland where she can live her life as she likes.


Yep. Went to a combination birthday party for two young cousins here in TJ, and it was split down the middle. Princesses on one side, Captain America on the other.


Depending on the melting point of vibranium I actually think cap’s shield could tank a lightsabre. I mean it can tank iron man’s repulser blasts.


I don’t think the topic matter is relevant. I think the real question is: why is everyone cut off EXCEPT for Elsa (i.e., her hand is over Captain America)? It seems to say that Elsa is standing IN FRONT of all these other characters. Is it a subtle way of placing women first (which would be great)?


Definitely that.


Or is it a subtle way of placing women second, by suggesting that Elsa, a strong woman, is PRESENTING Captain America, like “yay, here comes the heroes!”


Actually, I didn’t notice that the lightsaber was over Captain America. So, mayhap never mind.


I think it has some deep meaning to do with post-modernist media studies and the wall Trump wants to build.
Vader is likely pro-wall, Cap pro-immigration, and Elsa (?) just wants it all to go away and leave her alone.


Check out the Disney nods embedded in shows on Fusion.


I imagine a light saber body has to be made of something saber-proof, and the metal isn’t specified. So I say it’s vibranium.


It means the dark side is really the Patriotic hero, but only as long as she’s a ten.