You think Captain America being a Nazi is bad? Try Spider-Man as a stripper


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Comic Con is coming. Indeed.


I don’t see anything wrong at all with Spider-Man as a stripper. Can’t you just hear Tom Jones crooning “You can leave your mask on”?



My Spidey Sense is tingling at the thought.


Yes, actually being a Nazi is worse than being a stripper.


Also this has in fact happened in the comics.

With Deadpool, naturally.


I am offended by this comic.

Succubuses are female. Incubuses are male.


Don’t you mean succubi and incubi?


and gender is fluid.


My phone’s spell check accepts the -es plural, so close enough.

Meh. Until they come up with a gender neutral term that describes either, I’ll be pedantic.


Cubi? ( Pointless wathaling to get over 6 characters, seriously why the war against succinctness?)



Looks to me that Spidey also has an asphyxiation fetish going on.


So, if you’re already a Nazi and then become a stripper, you’re improving yourself, right?

Uh, I’m asking for a friend…


I find nothing wrong with strippers, Nazis not so much.

Also, who is that? I do think Nazi shit just ruins a nice set of tats. No lady, the hat and swastika doesn’t make you sexy, it makes you look like a an asshole.


when he looks at himself naked in the mirror I guess he must complain about that darn Parker luck.


No idea. Just one of the first results for Nazi stripper.


Oh god, how many did you get when you looked it up? I can’t even…


You are Max Mosley and I claim my free Formula 1 tickets!