What the actors in The Disney Channel's awkward "Wand" idents were actually drawing

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Nailed it


I don’t even understand this ritual at all. Is it like that Google thing where you draw runes on your keypad?


I think it’s for one of those commercial bumpers, what i’m curious about is why are they having such a problem drawing the outline for Mickey’s head. I guess someone should’ve been off camera with a print out of what they were supposed to be drawing.

Wow. Wow. It may not help that the wand is always “on”. It’s okay. I’m sure they fixed it in post.

Also, Hillary Duff’s nervous laugh is very cringeworthy.

Ahh, nice. These videos were circulating a while ago without the graphics, but were taken down before I could get around to watching. Take your two minutes while you can!


Do kids ever notice that none of those kids are kids? There’s a trope for that…


Yeah, I recall when That’s so Raven was on I looked at Vanderpol (the Dutch actress that played Raven’s friend) and thought…there is no way she is 15 yrs old. Quick googling showed nope…she was like 22.

Sometimes the ages are spot on…other times they are way off. Actress Stacey Dash is the queen of playing roles way younger than her actual age.

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This immediately made me think of Hingle McCringleberry. If you haven’t seen this, it is well worth the waste of your time. The telestrator portion comes in about 2:45.

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There should have been a Mr T version.

Where’s John Madden when you need him?

The real star of this video is the boom sneaking into shot 2 minutes in.


I think half of them were trying to draw the loch ness monster.

None of them came close to the mouse ears, but Orlando Brown made a pretty decent Africa

It sounds like she’s crying too…really makes me wonder what was going on before the camera was rolling.

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