'What the f*ck' — Elon Musk coronavirus meltdown on Tesla earnings call, 'Give people back their god damn freedom'

Hella right ON, Mindysan33.


I’m curious how you’d respond to @orenwolf’s excellent post above?

Elon Muskeg is just like all of the other rich little whiners when they don’t get their way. They need to get him a good nanny.


You’ve literally dismissed everything said without any actual rhetoric of your own. You are literally the one demonstratively intolerant of ideas and discussion in this case. I could go on about the many detailed reasons why Musk has, if anything, further entrenched the institutional denial and avoidance of addressing climate change by pushing it further into individual action and away from tackling the largest centers of the problem - and that his insistence that individuals must have individual cars of some form (that also have cars that he makes the race through tunnels he builds) if the opposite of the direction we must be going in to combat climate change… but again it’s falling on the deafest ears in the thread.


Right. Ideology is a hell of a drug.

Well, I read it and I disagree on some of what he said. @orenwolf is a wonderful person, but that doesn’t mean I always agree with him. HE hasn’t lost any respect from me for not agreeing with me.


This is true.

People focus on the “but electric cars for everyone will help offset carbon” but forget that electric cars for everyone a) requires so much rare earth metals that third world nations we’re currently strip mining raw for them will be further destroyed and b) maybe everyone doesn’t need a car anyway and the solution isn’t putting more traffic out there but designing better systems for people.

It really does amaze me how people are ignoring the absolute destruction of the earth going on to get these batteries in these cars. It’s bad. It’s really bad. And if we were to all switch over to these cars, it’ll be horrible for habitat destruction and possibly would require massive deforestation to find new deposits.


How about these companies? Not to mentiion manufacturers of golf carts, or mobility scooters. You may need to ‘no true scotsman’ harder.

Also, please note again he didn’t found Tesla, he only paid for the title.


His whole Twitter account today seems like very disconcerting ramblings.

Elon is now tweeting out shit that seems like he’s gonna be running afoul of the SEC again. Or he’s not gonna suffer any consequences at all, since he’s a rich white dude with a massive following.


Vell, Elon’s just zis guy, y’know…


Elon Musk’s tweet on Friday wiped off $14 billion (€12.8 billion) of Tesla’s market value and some $3 billion from Musk’s own stake in Tesla. The company’s shares closed at $701.32 at the end of the trading day on May 1.

I apologize to the fanbois, this man is a genius.


As successful in business as that other very stable genius.


It is all a ruse to get tossed in jail for stock manipulation; while there, he and Martin Shkreli can design a new ventilator and save the world. Musk and Shkreli together again!


People that work for Elon really seem to like him!


I’m just glad there wasn’t any Twitter back in Nikola Tesla’s day.

Y’all would have thought he was completely crazy. :slight_smile:

(Which he was, of course, in addition to be being a high-level genius.)


Did he go and snatch up more stock back with the price dip?

Lot of people see drops of stocks that should go back up (like when Apple has a bad day) as just buying stocks “on sale”.

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TSLA opened at $762 on Friday. Then Elon said “the price is too high”, and the stock obligingly lost nearly 10% of of its value by the end of the day, bottoming out at $700.

This morning, it opened at $701, and is currently heading upward at $750, having already regained most of Friday’s ‘loss.’

I’d wager even money that by the end of trading today, it will higher than its opening value on Friday.
Higher or lower, it will still be close to Friday’ peak, and pretty much all the money ‘lost’ on Friday will have come back in one single business day.

Anyone who bought at the $700 dip near close on Friday could cash out now for a profit of about $50/share.

Not bad for one weekend. (-:


Lost my bet. :frowning_face:

Today’s close came up a dollar short of Friday’s open, at $761

But I said “higher than…”, not “almost as high as”, so we’ll have to mark that down in the loss column :upside_down_face:

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