Tesla's Elon Musk is at it again with the stupid tweets

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That guy…


At this point I have to wonder if he’s doing this on purpose.


Future Drunk History subject.

I’d watch that!


Haven’t we already?


Someone once told me that Elon Musk is the real life version of Tony Stark. I don’t think that.

I do think that Elon Musk thinks that.


As long as electric cars become a thing and oil goes obsolete, I don’t really care if Elon Musk self-immotates.


Perhaps his end game is to devalue Tesla’s stock low enough that he won’t need assistance to take the company private


Didn’t all this start when he tweeted about wanting to start buying back Tesla stock? All this sure is making it cheaper for him to do just that.


you thought of everything


You really have to be collapsing into your ego’s event horizon to think that the SEC is behind your valuation woes after you publicly announced a laughably undercooked plan to go private and then had it disintegrate more or less immediately.

An uncharitable and cynical observer might also voice the suspicion that Mr. Musk does not treat major increases to stock value as the work of implacable external forces, rather than himself; but somehow manages to see decreases in an entirely different light.


Tesla stock bounced right back to where it was after that drop. Shame I didn’t buy any.


If he really does want to take the company private, he could be angling for a better price.

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It’s less ghastly than his previous stupid tweets, so… progress?

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He has said a lot of stupid things, but I’m taking his side on this one. The finance heavies have lost a pile of money continually trying to short Tesla, and they’re pissed. Combine that with the SEC mostly working for Wall Street rather than against it, and it becomes a compelling scenario.


I miss Steve Jobs.

He might have been an asshole, but at least he wasn’t a STUPID asshole.

" the vacuum of governance at this company."

Right, some vacuum. He has one business success after another. Paypal, Tesla, Solar batteries, Space X, the Boring Company. He has overseen the most successful new automobile company launch in history, including, yeah, that of Henry Ford.

The Model 3 is dominating its class (seriously outselling sedans from BMW, Audi, M-B, Infiniti, Acura) the last two quarters strongest in Tesla’s history.

You want to see it in charts? Here you go:


Think it might just be temporary? Tesla has not even launched the Model 3 in most of the world. They have yet to produce the base level car at $35K.

That look like a company with a governance vacuum?

Yeah, Musk doesn’t act like other CEO’s. Thanks for the update!, and all the support. Thanks for buying into, and adding a supposed voice of reason, to the malicious FUD campaign brought to us by the likes of the fossil fuel industry, the Koch brothers, etc. Nice company there.

You are on the wrong side of this issue, BB.

Here is an idea: Instead of snidely piling on for the 40th time, why don’t you do a little investigative reporting?

Here are some possible stories for you to explore:

  • Why is Tesla the most highly shorted stock in the entire world?

  • What did the Koch brothers, with their billions of bucks of pocket cash, promise to do to the electric car industry about 2 years ago?

  • what has been the ratio of negative to positive stories in the media about Tesla? Do other car companies have the same problems, but no one mentions them? Is the Tesla coverage objective? Are the positives about Tesla being reported with the same frequency as the negatives? NO? How might that be explained across such a vast swath of media?

  • Who is the new head of the SEC? Who appointed him? Is it true he came from the fossil fuel industry? What directives has the new head of the SEC made that might cause a reasonable viewer to question his objectivity or his agenda? (Hint: search for “Exxon”)

  • How in line with previous SEC history is the suit against Musk and Tesla? How does its demand that Musk lose the right to be CEO of any company for the rest of his life compare to any ruling in the entire history of the SEC? How does it compare to the demands of the SEC against actual bad actors who stole billions from ordinary people?


Maybe if Musk would start wearing turtlenecks…?

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I’m somewhat sympathetic for Musk. He sees himself as a 21st-century Edison, who is trying to break the mold of the boring, buttoned-up CEO with no personality. But if every time he tweets the stock plunges, and yet he continues to tweet, then who is it who is really enabling the short-sellers?

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